Jazz Piano Lesson

Piano lessons based on the Berklee system, responding to the individuality of each student! From those who have never touched the piano to those who are ready for a professional slump, we offer lessons at the shortest possible distance according to the level of the student.

Jazz Vocal Lesson

The instructor's groove-filled piano accompaniment allows students to experience a real live environment in this lesson. The same jazz as in the real world, not karaoke, will bring out your singing ability and expressiveness. Ideal for beginners as well as for professional adjustment.

Jazz Theory Lesson

This is a course on how to improvise and play in a jazz band. The course is open to any instrument that can be played, including saxophone, violin, guitar, and various other stringed and wind instruments.

Combination Lesson

This course allows you to take two courses at the same time in one lesson.

Online Lesson

Correspondence lessons via Skype or SYNCROOM.
Commuting and transfer are also available!


Q1: Is there an age limit?
Because our school involves studying theory, it's preferable for students to be junior high school age or older. There's no upper limit, and we have individuals in their 80s enjoying jazz.

Q2: Can I miss a lesson if something urgent comes up?
Yes, at our school, you can cancel or change the time of a lesson if you notify us on the day. There are no penalties.

Q3: I quit Spoonful Music once before, can I come back?
Of course! If you were a student with us before, no matter how many years have passed, you don't need to pay a registration fee. You can come back anytime.

Q4: I'm a beginner, is that okay?
Yes, it's fine even if you're an adult starting piano or vocals. We tailor our lessons to your level.

Q5: I'm aiming to become a professional...
Yes, whether you're aiming to become a professional, or if you're a professional seeking advice to get out of a slump, we can help.

Q6: Are there any recitals?
There are no recitals. Jazz is different from other genres of music. There are regular jam sessions at various live houses where anyone can join in, so once you've reached a certain level, you can freely participate and test your performance skills in real settings, steadily gaining experience and improving your abilities.

Q7: Can I change courses?
Yes, you can change courses at any time, and there are no course change fees.